Unyte Health


Unyte Health is a startup meditation biofeedback company located in the heart of Toronto. It uses a biofeedback heart sensor called the Iom to analyze and record your level of coherence, or calmness.

I was involved with the development of some of its core applications. Two projects that I worked on was the IomSuite and the Five Forces. From planning, to UX design, and applications development, I was involved in all stages of development at Unyte Health.

At Unyte, I had the amazing opportunity to work as an software developer, creating two of their experiences from scratch My responsibilites included:


As mentioned in the description, I was involved in every part of the application creation process, from planning to implementation. Here I show various iterations of the IomSuite, from its planning stages to its final implementation.

I was also involved in creating the Five Forces game. It is an immersive experience where it puts the user into a beautiful environment representative of one of the five themes: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Ether.

The objective of the Five Forces experience was to relax. Upon achieving complete relaxation, the environment around you will gradually change and become more astonishing.

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