Uken Games


Uken Games is a small game company located in the heart of Toronto. They develop awesome, world-renowned mobile games such as Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Kings of Pool, and Bingo Pop. Each of their games has millions of installs on the app store, and a large active user base.

The work environment at Uken Games is definitely the best that I've ever come across so far. Lunch is served for free for all employees, management is friendly and supportive, and co-op students work on the same exact tasks that full time employees work on. Overall, working at Uken Games was a very amazing experience.

At Uken Games, I was a front-end software developer working on the mobile game for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Even as a co-op student, my work consisted of the same tasks as full-time employees:


Millionaire is a feature-rich mobile game that I developed alongside a small, yet talented team. There are numerous features that are available in the game, but I will place emphasis on the features that I helped worked on, or the visually appealing ones.

This is the Home screen that is displayed when you start the game. Right from this screen, you can see that this isn't your typical trivia game! Packed full with features, there are a bunch of pretty buttons.

This is the experts screen. It is one of my finest creations. One of my milestone tasks was to rework this screen entirely and create the concept of "Legendary Experts". Experts can be called to help with a question if you are stumped. Experts with higher stat of a particular subject tend to provide more accurate answers. Legendary experts are depictions of famous people, with amazing stats.

This is the stage view screen. I have done a lot of work polishing and implementing some of the logic for the extra features in this screen. In this screen, you pick a stage to play. Each stage amounts to a different amount of rewards, such as different experts that can be obtained from the boxes.

Mystery Boxes can also be obtained from stages. Mystery boxes can give you more coins to upgrade experts, diamonds to buy more boxes, or experts to help you answer the questions.

This is definitely the prettiest screen in the game. Once you answer all of the questions and finally become a millionaire, this celebration modal pops up.

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