NVIDIA is an American hardware company that is famous for its GPUs for gaming and professional use. Back in the day, NVIDIA was known only for manufacturing graphics card for custom built PCs, but NVIDIA has since then expanded tremendously. It has departments in autonomous machines, deep learning, artificial intelligence, graphics visualization, healthcare, high performance computing, self-driving cars, and entertainment.

The team that I was assigned to was the GeForce NOW team (GFN), under the cloud computing branch. GeForce NOW is a cloud-based video game streaming platform designed so that people can play video games at the highest settings using any computer or mobile device.

At NVIDIA, I was a front-end software developer working on GeForce NOW's main client. My internship centered around developing the things that people all around the world see:


Because GeForce NOW is an unreleased product at the time of writing this, I am unable to provide any screenshots of it besides those that are already in the public domain.

As mentioned previously, NVIDIA GeForce NOW is a cloud-based streaming service, so this means that you can play the highest end games anywhere, seamlessly, on any machine whatsoever. Even on my snail of a laptop. That's pretty cool if you ask me!

This is the main GFN client which I have worked closely with. I have implemented some of the UI designs that millions of people will see. It displays a massive library of supported games optimized for GFN. Any game on Steam or Battle.net also works!

Overall, NVIDIA has been an amazing experience for me, especially since it was my first job experience outside of Canada. The Santa Clara campus was great. The campus is huge with various cafes and lounges, and the community is super friendly and very talented.

Somehow along the way, I managed to become the team captain for a corporate e-sports team at NVIDIA. But that's a story for another page....

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