Epson is a Japanese electronics company, dubbed the "Son of the Electronic Printer". They are a huge company best known for their printers, which are second to only HP at this time. In addition to manufacturing printers, they are also expanding to other cool fields of development.

In particular, the development work that I was most familiar with is Augmented Reality (AR) and Robotics. Epson produces special glasses with a augmented-reality display for personal, multi-user and industrial use. In case you don't know what that means - overlaying graphics ontop of real-life images in order to produce a mix between virtual and reality. Think virtual reality, but in real life.

At Epson, I had the amazing opportunity to work as an AR software developer in their AR department in their branch in Canada. My responsibilites included:


Although I cannot show the real screenshots of my work, I will showcase some AR experiences similar to what I did at Epson.
At my time at Epson, I probably made over 10+ demoes, either for entertainment or industrial use.

The Microsoft Hololens is a product that is very similar to the Epson AR device that I was working on. One of the things that I did at Epson is that I did a competitor analysis comparing Epson's device and the Hololens

I really enjoyed my time working at Epson. At Epson, I was able to see and produce some amazing stuff. Epson is what inspired me to go more into computer graphics because of all the cool ideas that I had in my head by the time I left.

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