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High school was a great time where I had time for my creativity to explode. Since everything was for "educational purposes", I didn't mind grabbing some art and using it in my project. Then, I took a lot of time on focusing on what really mattered - the game mechanics, and what makes my game special.

Using this mindset, I created a lot of amazing stuff that wows me even to this day. But be warned - the quality of some of my projects aren't as refined as my later ones.

Projects include:


Flying Fruit Ninja:

A new breed of flying fruit is taking over the galaxy. Stop the evil fruit with your fruit ninja powers! Use the arrow keys to attack the fruit according to the action specified below them. Think: DDR without the rhythm aspect. This was a cool final project that I created for grade 12 CS class, made with self-drawn art. Even the FONT was hand-drawn! But I'm not an artist.

There are seven bosses, each with their own attack pattern. Master the art of the sword to win! Personally, this is one of my favourite mechanics. The bosses are actually pretty challenging, but not impossible.

Equation Runner:

Equation runner is a cool infinite runner that features three different boss battles of legendary Pokemon, inspired by "I Wanna Be the Guy".

Catch the three legendary Pokemon Arceus, Mewtwo and Deoxys because they stole your favourite apple!

The reason why the game is called "Equation Runner" is actually due to assignment restrictions - After losing a game, you must solve a simple linear equation to continue to "Recover your energy". Don't worry though, I made a built-in calculator! How's that for gamification?

Super Pong:

Super Pong is actually the first game I ever made, and amazingly, I think it is probably the best one in terms of fun and replayability. Me and my friend Eric would have daily playtests to ensure that all of the mechanics were fun and balanced. It was super fun to make and super rewarding when I finally finished it. In addition to local multiplayer, there is also a single player with each computer having different abilitites.

In addition to the regular Pong mechanics (up and down), you can also shoot a bullet that stuns the opponent on contact. The game is best out of 15 (first to 7 wins) Also, you can use a shield once every round that deflects the ball no matter where it is.

Finally, you can use your ULTIMATE ABILITY once per game that obliterates the enemy! It's actually still possible (but rare) to survive this ability.


BCS-500 is a hand-made paper Starcraft BattleCruiser that I created for my grade 11 marketing project. I... probably went a little overboard with that project. But it was fun!

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